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Dehydrated Organic Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)

(17 customer reviews)


  • Bring home a healthy, established, organic dry sourdough starter from the Central Coast of California, and bake your own sourdough at home!
  • The starter is dehydrated, but very much alive – full of beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast.
  • All the dry starter needs is a little water, flour, and 5 days to get reactivated.
  • In less than a week, one scoop of powder (one package) will turn into more than a liter of bubbling active sourdough starter that can last you a lifetime!
  • See more product details, reactivation directions, and shipping information below.
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Want to bake fresh sourdough at home, but don’t have a starter? Bring home a portion of our healthy established organic sourdough starter culture to create your own! She hails from the Central Coast of California ~ just a few hours south of San Francisco. Our starter was created from scratch about 4 years ago using wild yeast cultivated from local organic apples.

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Allergy warning: This product contains gluten.

What is dehydrated sourdough starter?


With this order, you will receive a packet of dried living organic sourdough starter (1/2 heaping tablespoon, or 7-8 grams) – enough to create an active, bubbly sourdough starter within one week of re-activation. We feed our sourdough starter 100% certified organic ingredients (organic bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, and/or organic all-purpose flour) and filtered water. The starter is dehydrated on a “living foods” (low heat) setting, effectively preserving the beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast within the starter. It is very much alive – it simply needs to be rehydrated and reactivated!

Once you reactivate your starter, you will have a lifelong supply of sourdough starter culture to use in any delicious homemade sourdough recipe – including rustic sourdough bread, fluffy focaccia, pizza crust, crackers, cornbread, and more!

Once you receive the dry starter:


– You can either reactivate it right away, or choose to wait. It will stay viable in powder form for approximately 6 months as long as it is stored in cool, dry, dark location (such as in an air-tight container in the refrigerator).

– The process of reactivating the dry starter takes about one week (with quick steps each day) and is very easy to do! See the full instructions to reactivate your dry sourdough starter by clicking here.

– To reactivate the dry starter, you will need a medium size glass container (e.g. a pint mason jar), all-purpose flour or bread flour, and filtered water.


Payment: Our website only accepts PayPal for payment. However, if you prefer to use Venmo, please contact me at and we’ll make it happen!

Shipping: Free shipping via USPS First Class mail. We are currently shipping within the United States only.

Timing: At this time, we ship sourdough starter orders once per week (typically on Fridays), and then usual USPS first class shipping times apply thereafter (averaging 2-5 days).

Return policy: We can’t provide returns/refunds for change of heart, or user error in re-activating the starter. However, if your order arrives damaged or with apparent issues, please let us know (take a photo) and we will make it right!

17 reviews for Dehydrated Organic Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)

  1. Brianne Thames (verified owner)

    Having been a fan of Deanna’s garden and her expertise I couldn’t help but try her sourdough starter! We’ve made her sourdough pizza, discard crackers and finally, our first sourdough loaf… Her
    her step-by-step instructions will walk you through the entire process! Deanna makes sourdough baking super approachable and I can’t wait to do more baking with my starter.

  2. Katie (verified owner)

    I tried making my own starter a few times and for some reason it never took off. So happy I got this – now my starter (Gloria) is happily bubbling away and we’ve been making our way through other recipes from Deanna. Focaccia and Corn Chips have been the house favorites so far. Thank you!

  3. Alicia Dennis (verified owner)

    I ordered my starter a few weeks ago….I’ve had a few silly first timed questions and Deanna always answers me quickly and is so kind! My first batch of sourdough crackers are in the oven now!!! Thank you so much Deanna!!!

  4. Melissa

    I purchased this dehydrated sourdough starter a few weeks ago. I read all of Deanna’s blog posts and watched her YouTube videos and finally got the confidence to give reactivating it a try! Her blog posts gives you the step by steps you need to reactivate it, feed it and make bread from it. I started the reactivation process after dinner and by the next morning there was bubbles! I told my kids, “look how happy she is.” ….and that is how my sourdough starter got her name… Happy”. I made my first loaf yesterday and baked it this morning! It was PERFECTION thanks to the easy instructions! I would highly recommend this starter everyone! Thanks Deanna for making it so easy!!!

  5. Brittney (verified owner)

    It works! I’ve always wanted to bake sourdough but never had a starter handed down and was too intimidated to start my own. Thank you so much for such a simple easy way to get started. I’ve had so much fun watching her grow and can’t wait to get baking. Who would have thought how easy it can be!

  6. @theurbanladybug

    ALIVE is right!! Within 2 hours my starter (Dee) was bubbly and happy! By day 5 she was insanely active, bubbling over the top of the mason jar multiple times and incredibly fluffy and full of bubbles, it was like the inside of my jar was like the inside of a brain! Man, this starter is so rustic! And in the BEST way possible! It has this super deep & rich rustic flavor & smell! And the color compared to my other starters is more of a yellowish off white color which just makes it feel old timey and rustic too! I highly highly recommend this starter and also don’t feel intimated either, Deanna’s instructions are clear and easy to follow, you’ll have no trouble baking your first loaf!

  7. Kate (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough good things about this starter, Deanna’s thorough instructions on ALL sourdough blog posts, and her responsiveness to questions. I received my starter exactly one week ago and baked my first loaf this morning. It turned out far better than I could’ve hoped for and is truly the best bread I’ve ever made. I’ve learned a ton reading her blog posts and watching her videos. Worth every penny!

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