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Dehydrated Organic Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)

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A foolproof way to start baking sourdough at home. Bring home a healthy, established, organic dry sourdough starter from the Central Coast of California. The starter is dehydrated, but very much alive – full of beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast. All it needs is a little water, flour, and 5 days to get reactivated.  One scoop of powder (one package) will turn into more than a liter of bubbling active sourdough starter that can last you a lifetime!

Easy-to-follow reactivation instructions included, linked below. Step-by-step video also included.

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Want to bake fresh sourdough at home, but don’t have a starter? Bring home a portion of our healthy established organic sourdough starter culture to create your own! She hails from the Central Coast of California ~ just a few hours south of San Francisco. Our starter was created from scratch over 5 years ago using wild yeast cultivated from local organic apples.

Free shipping included. Orders and shipping accepted within the US and Canada only.

Allergy warning: This product contains gluten.

What is dehydrated sourdough starter?


With this order, you will receive a packet of dried living organic sourdough starter (1/2 heaping tablespoon, or 7-8 grams) – enough to create an active, bubbly sourdough starter within one week of re-activation. We feed our sourdough starter 100% certified organic ingredients (organic bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, and/or organic all-purpose flour) and filtered water. The starter is dehydrated on a “living foods” (low heat) setting, effectively preserving the beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast within the starter. It is very much alive – it simply needs to be rehydrated and reactivated!

Once you reactivate your starter, you will have a lifelong supply of sourdough starter culture to use in any delicious homemade sourdough recipe – including rustic sourdough bread, fluffy focaccia, pizza crust, crackers, cornbread, and more!

Once you receive the dry starter:


– You can either reactivate it right away, or choose to wait. It will stay viable in powder form for approximately 6 months as long as it is stored in cool, dry, dark location (such as in an air-tight container in the refrigerator).

– The process of reactivating the dry starter takes about one week (with quick steps each day) and is very easy to do! See the full instructions to reactivate your dry sourdough starter by clicking here.

– To reactivate the dry starter, you will need a medium size glass container (e.g. a pint mason jar), all-purpose flour or bread flour, and filtered water.


Shipping: Free shipping via USPS First Class mail within the United States, and $12 shipping to Canada.

Return policy: We can’t provide returns/refunds for change of heart, or user error in re-activating the starter. However, if your order arrives damaged or with apparent issues, please let us know (take a photo) and we will make it right.

85 reviews for Dehydrated Organic Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)

  1. Maile (verified owner)

    Love this starter! The packaging was great and the instructions were super easy to follow. Within less than an hour of posting a photo that looked like I might be having some trouble, Deanna reached out to offer some helpful advice and encouragement. I can’t get over how much she clearly cares about her customers. I’ve already made some crackers and they tasted amazing. I’m so excited to get started on bread next!

  2. Autumn (verified owner)

    Ordered a sourdough starter from Deanna and it’s been so great. She gives very clear and simple directions on how to reactivate. I used an old pasta sauce jar for starting and moved to a big plastic container. I made some sourdough crackers today and they turned out wonderful, I had to add more flour than the recipe calls for because Georgia is basically 100% humidity. Definitely recommend!

  3. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I purchased the sourdough starter for my husband who bakes the bread in our house. He attempted to make his own sourdough starter in the past and it went moldy so he was discouraged. I hoped that the dehydrated sourdough starter with Deanna’s instructions would be easier and end in success. Today he made his first sourdough loaf and it was perfect. Success!

    One note for other bakers (from my husband); He found the bread recipe to be very wet and he added quite a bit more flour than the recipe specified. We live in a very humid climate so that could have something to do with it. The amount of flour suggested is probably a good starting point and then you may need to add additional flour as needed to get to the right texture.

  4. Madeline (verified owner)

    Such an easy way to start sourdough! The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and within five days I have a bubbling ALIVE starter! I am so excited to finally have a a starter at home. On another happy note – I have been following Deanna on Instagram since she first started with sourdough, so in a way it feels like I have known this culture for its whole life!! 🙂

  5. Becky Roberts (verified owner)

    I was so excited when I received my starter kit! Turns out my starter on day five was like pancake batter, too thin and not rising. Of course I didn’t troubleshoot it myself. I reached out to Deanna, side note, beautiful person. She responded quickly and suggested adding 1/4 of flour. Within hours I have a bubbling brew! I know that she has a lot of followers and I would think almost impossible to be so personable to all of us. I’ve leaned a lot from this gal and can’t wait to continue learning. I even diddle my squash 💚

  6. maya downs (verified owner)

    So easy to get started and feed! I bought one a week ago and just made my first loaf! Can’t recommend enough!!

  7. Jessica Rodgers (verified owner)

    My starter arrived right on time and I was so excited to reactivate it and start feeding it that same day! It’s been one week and I have already accomplished my 1st loaf of bread!! The blog post instructions were very thorough and made caring for my starter super easy and successful! Thanks! 😊

  8. Sarah (verified owner)

    I just finished making my first loaf with this rehydrated starter, and all I can say is WOW! The starter was very active right after the first feeding, and the instructions on the blog were clear and made the process very simple. This starter is full of flavor, and I wholeheartedly recommend it! I’m looking forward to making more tasty bread and crackers in the future!

  9. Brianna

    5 stars
    Eeep! I am so excited about this! The dry starter woke back up perfectly as shown in the tutorial, and I baked focaccia bread! It was SO yummy! The card the starter came in was adorable…. clearly a lot of time and love goes into these. Thank you thank you thank you Deanna – for helping make my sourdough dreams come true!

  10. Amy

    The sourdough starter arrived quickly, and the site instructions to reactivate it were clear and easy to follow. It has been one week and we already have a huge bubbly sourdough starter, made the herb cracker recipe once (delicious!) and can’t wait to make our first loaf of bread this weekend! The starter smells really good too. Thank you for offering this!

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