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Reggae & Dub: Good Vibes Playlist

Are you ready to jam with us? Because here at Homestead and Chill, reggae is definitely our jam. Don’t get me wrong! We enjoy listening to a wide variety of other genres too. If you tuned into the H&C pilot playlist, you got a taste of that there. However, reggae holds a special place in our souls.

For your listening pleasure, and just in time for 4/20, here is a mix of our favorite 113 reggae and dub songs! Most of you probably know this already, but reggae isn’t all about ganja and Bob Marley. Sure, they’re awesome too, and go hand-in-hand with the genre, but it is SO much more than that!

Reggae is the ultimate good-vibes music.

Reggae is what puts the “chill” in our Homestead and Chill. I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty damn difficult to be in a bad mood when you’re grooving to such positive music, messages, and beats. In addition to gardening, music is our therapy. It is also one the few things that gets us away from the house on the weekends ~ for reggae concert dates! Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, and Rebelution are touring this summer. See if they’re coming to your town!

In this playlist you’ll find some of the classics, a bit of modern Cali-reggae, plus some dub and fusion remixes too. Without further ado, check out the track list, YouTube, and Spotify below. I hope you dig it.

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Good Vibes Track List

1World on Fire (Remix) [feat. Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds, The Green, Common Kings, & The Movement] – Stick Figure
2Farmer (feat. Juan Rios) – Fortunate Youth
3Overdub – Bad Brains
4Robber Man – Barrington Levy
5Roots Reggae Music – Live – Rebelution
6The Garden – Tribal Seeds
7Natural Mystic – Bob Marley & The Wailers
8Engine Trouble – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
9Burn One – Fortunate Youth
10Closer to the Sun – Slightly Stoopid
11Black Roses – Barrington Levy
12Sinsemilla – Black Uhuru
13Drum Song Dub – Scientist
14Just Another Dream – Stick Figure
15Cumbia Del Leon – The Lions
16Groundation Chant – Groundation
17The Great Gig in the Sky (feat. Kristy Rock) – Easy Star All-Stars
18Crease – Grimy Styles (replaced with “911” (Acoustic) by Darenots in Youtube playlist)
19Tossin – Fortunate Youth
20Red Sea Dub – Dub Syndicate
21Rhythm Streets – Slightly Stoopid
22So High (feat. Zumbi) – Rebelution
23Trouble Up There (acoustic) – Stick Figure
24Thin Man Skank – The Lions
25Sinsemillia – The Expendables
26Rocky Point – Frenchie & The Maximum Sound Crew
27Babylon Is Falling – Slightly Stoopid
28Ragga Dub – Bad Brains
29Chillout Zone – Mad Professor
30Pass the Herb (feat. the Green & Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher) – Fortunate Youth
31Leggo Beast – Steel Pulse
32Easy Dub – The Lions
33Callin [feat. Michael Rose] – Alborosie
34Suffering – Rebelution
35Livin’ It – Stick Figure
36Work – Bob Marley & The Wailers
37I’m so Stoned – Slightly Stoopid
38Us and Them (feat. Frankie Paul) – Easy Star All-Stars
39Jah Love – Bad Brains
40Smoke – The Movement
41Walkey Walk Tall – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
42Weight of Sound (feat. TJ O’Neill) – Stick Figure
43Downpressor Man – Peter Tosh
44Choice Is Yours (feat. Slightly Stoopid) – Stick Figure
45Patience – Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
46Earthquake – Fortunate Youth
47Night Nurse – Kruder & Dorfmeister Session – Gregory Isaacs
48The Harvest – Tribal Seeds
49Habit – Original Mix – The Movement
50The Secret – The Devastators
51Jamaican Colley – Version – Linval Thompson
52Inhale Exhale (feat. Protoje) – Rebelution
53Secret Laboratory (Scientific Dancehall) – Lee “Scratch” Perry
54Fire on the Horizon – Stick Figure
55Ganja Smuggling – Eek-A-Mouse
56Tubby’s at the Control – King Tubby (replaced with Flag Dub for YouTube)
57Download the Revolution – Rocky Dawuni
58Bowl For Two – The Expendables
59Why – Alambic Conspiracy Remix – Zion Train
60Jr. Kong Pt. 1 – Grimy Styles
61Sound of the Sea – Stick Figure
62I Do Love You – Gregory Isaacs
63Vibes – Fortunate Youth
64Smoking My Ganja – Capital Letters
65Material Man – Gregory Isaacs
66dubstep – Phase Selector Sound
67Hawaii Song – Stick Figure
68Dub Ø9 – Gorillaz
69Zeplike – Slightly Stoopid
70My Thoughts – The Gladiators
71Roots and Culture – Jesse Royal
72Sensimilla – Barrington Levy
73Roots Dub – Tribal Seeds
74Mind Block (feat. Eric Rachmany) – Stick Figure
75Herbalist – Alborosie
76More More Dub – The Lions
7754-46 Was My Number – Toots & The Maytals
78Come Around – Slightly Stoopid
79Vibes Alive – Stick Figure
80Iron Lion Zion – Bob Marley & The Wailers
81Easy Runaway – Stick Figure
82Dark Dub – Project: out of bounds
83Stepping Razor – Peter Tosh
84Trippin – Fortunate Youth
85Dreamland – Stick Figure
86Steppin’ Out – Steel Pulse 8
87Wonderful World – Eek A Mouse (aka “Long Time Ago”)
88Moonlight – Tribal Seeds
89Coming Home – Stick Figure
90Johnny B Goode – 2002 Remaster – Peter Tosh
91Anywhere I Go – Slightly Stoopid
92Swedish Prison – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
93So Much Trouble In The World – Bob Marley & The Wailers
94Burning Up (Reborn) – The Expendables
95Private I – Dub Syndicate
96Climbing up the Walls (feat. Tamar-Kali) – Easy Star All-Stars
97Vibration Dub – Fortunate Youth
98Me Name Jr. Gong – Damian Marley
99Your House – Dub Version – Steel Pulse
100Runaway Train – The Green
101This Joint – Slightly Stoopid
102Green to Black – Rebelution
103Sound Czech – Grimy Styles
104Running Wild – Stick Figure
105Full Circle – Iya Terra
106Roots of Dub – Lee “Scratch” Perry
107Libertad – Feat. Dready – Tribal Seeds
108Money (feat. Gary “Nesta” Pine & Dollarman) – Easy Star All-Stars
109Sativa Feva – Resinated
110Blood Money – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
111Smokin’ On The Deck – Grimy Styles
112Love Is the Most High – Fortunate Youth
113So Good (Acoustic) – Stick Figure

Thanks for tuning in!


  • Ruthy

    Love the music you play! My kids were jammin’ along to your stories this morning, so, I’m gonna get these tunes going in my own garden! Thanks for all the time you take to share your life with us, Deanna! You’re a true gem ❤️

  • Christian Wright

    Thank you so much for sharing. Listening at work keeps me calm and chill. I look forward to every blog. Thank you for all your plant and garden knowledge! I am learning and applying so many things.

    • Rachel Wheeler

      Yay! I recently commented on one of your YouTube videos asking about what music you had in the background! You’re my new favorite inspiration. <3 Thanks for all you do <3

      • DeannaCat

        Hi Rachel – I’m so glad you found this! Sorry about missing you YouTube question! I sometimes forget to check the comments over there in addition to here, Instagram, etc. Lol! Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy!

  • Kari Cameron

    Hi Deanna! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 Is there a specific (or a few) Pandora Stations you like that incorporate alot of these songs? I don’t have Spotify, but would love to find some good, new Pandora stations. I’ve never really listened to reggae, but love everything I hear on your videos and would like to listen to more! 🙂

    • DeannaCat

      Hey there! We primarily use Pandora too! But not many pre-made stations. We create stations by feeding artist names into them and curate over time with thumbs up/down… But you may want to try “Cali Reggae”. Also, feed something like like Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, Slightly Stoopid, and 10 Ft Ganja Plant into a station together for a great start on a custom one! Happy listening! I am glad you’re enjoying it.

  • Kendi Vrska-Weygand

    We listened to this all afternoon while working in or garden. Thank you for putting such a great playlist together and sharing!

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