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Homemade Dried Turmeric Powder

Come learn how to make delicious and healing turmeric powder at home. The process is easy and very rewarding! All you need is a decent helping of fresh turmeric rhizomes, a food dehydrator, and a blender or food processor. An oven can also be used to dry the turmeric in a pinch.
Prep Time30 mins
Drying Time1 d
Course: Preserved Food, Seasoning
Keyword: Curcumin, Dehydrated Turmeric, Dried Turmeric Powder, Turmeric Powder


  • Food Dehydrator, or Oven
  • Blender, Food Processor, or other appliance for grinding


  • Fresh turmeric rhizomes


  • Wash the turmeric rhizomes. No need to peel or boil them first.
  • Cut the turmeric rhizomes into thin slices, aiming for about 1/8" thick and fairly consistent slices.
  • Lay out the turmeric slices in a single layer on your food dehydrator racks (or on a baking sheet, if drying in the oven).
  • Dry the turmeric in a food dehydrator at 100-110°F, or in the oven on the lowest heat setting possible.
  • The time it takes for them to fully dry will vary depending on your individual machine and the thickness of the slices, which may be several hours to a couple of days.
  • Dehydrate the turmeric until the pieces are completely dry. When done drying they will easily crack and snap in half, rather than bending.
  • Use a blender, food processor, or coffee grinder to churn the dried turmeric into powder.
  • Pour the turmeric powder through a fine mesh strainer poised over a bowl and sift it. Take the collected leftover hard bits and run them back through the Vitamix/blender another time to pulverize them into powder.
  • Store the finished turmeric powder in a glass air-tight container, such as in a mason jar with tight-fitting lid.
  • Keep the container in a dry, cool place - such as the pantry. When properly dried and stored, your homemade turmeric powder should last for over a year.
  • Enjoy homemade turmeric powder with a variety of meals - but be sure to add black pepper and/or a healthy fat along with it to increase bioavailability and get the most benefit from!